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X- Adjustable Intelligent Posture Corrector Pain Relief

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Product Details

Sit up straight! Keep your form! Back straight! Ever heard those phrases before? If yes, then you need to work on your posture! But can you fix it easily forever? If not, then we have the perfect item for you!

What if I told you, there’s something which can fix your posture and reduce back pain? Introducing the Smart Posture Corrector! This amazing device wraps around your upper back and shoulders, pulling it back just enough so your body achieves the natural position it is supposed to be in, therefore reducing your back pain and correcting your posture!

As you can see in the picture above, all it takes to re-grasp that beautiful posture is to wear the device with the 2 straps, with the activator facing the back. It only requires two steps; push the button on the back and shake lightly. Once this happens, the device will automatically contract the elastic harnesses until it pushes your spine up straight and pulls your shoulders back. All you have to do from there is just keep your head up straight. The device will constantly record your posture using sensors around the device to make sure you’re keeping the perfect posture, and if it detects bad posture, it will vibrate slightly to remind you to keep good posture! It records your posture every 4 seconds, so no slacking!

Intelligent Posture Corrector


  • Adjustable - The device will not force you into the perfect posture painfully, instead it will lightly adjust your body to the perfect position, so afterwards, muscle memory will keep you up straight!
  • Comfortable - We understand the idea of 4 elastic bands and a plastic capsule on your upper back and shoulders keeping you up straight doesn’t sound like the most comfortable of solutions, therefore the device will constantly adjust itself to allow easy mobility and comfort, and the capsule will be padded, so additional comfort will be guaranteed!
  • Ease of use - The design of the Smart Posture Corrector is so easy to use, anyone can use it! It’s just like putting on a vest, and with a push of a button and some time, your posture will be perfect, letting you do your exercise, gaming and other activities with no spinal issues! No more fancy gadgets or ancient techniques, just a strap and electricity can do that job for you!
  • Aesthetics - We understand, looks can play a big role in your preference, therefore we sell the Smart Posture Corrector in a variety of colours and designs! Want to go to the gym in your favourite navy blue sweatshirt? Why not pop on the navy blue Smart Posture Corrector, or mix and match with any other colours you desire! And if you want to hide it completely, you can even wear it under your clothes and take it anywhere, it can be concealed under your clothes easily!

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X- Adjustable Intelligent Posture Corrector Pain Relief

X- Adjustable Intelligent Posture Corrector Pain Relief